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Mission: Partition #MTBos

Let's play a game. It's called "What math does this assess, and is that the math the standard calls for?" Wordy, I know, but it's a game worth playing as we consider how to make assessments actually assess what we need them to. The item below comes from a 1st grade benchmark exam, and is tagged as an assessment of standard 1.G.3, with no other items assessing this standard. Before I give you the text of the standard, we're going to play the first part of the game: what does this assess?

Some teachers' answers to "What math does this assess?": Understanding of the phrases "half of" and "quarter of"Ability to color "one part" of a shapeLow level assessment of identifying a part of a shape (not necessarily understanding of equal parts)And now for the next part of the game: "Is that the math the standards call for?" Here's the full text of the standard:  1.G.3 Partition circles and rectang…